Automate Office 2007 Deployment

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Automating Deployment of the 2007 Microsoft Office System with installOffice.cmd Script


System builders can easily automate installation of Microsoft Office Ready and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 by using the installOffice.cmd script. The script creates an installation source directory on a network from the 2007 Microsoft Office system OPK Master Kit.

Script Features

Creates an installation directory based on the 2007 Office system OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) CD. Checks to verify that the correct OPK CDs are used. Integrates 2007 Office system referral code if desired. Supports Universal Naming Convention (UNC) network shares. Creates a CONFIG.XML file automatically. Integrates 2007 Office SP1 if it’s included in the installation source directory. Installs Business Contact Manager, Microsoft Office Activation Assistant, and patches automatically. Can be used as part of the automatic deployment of Windows Vista. installOffice.cmd Script and Manual Get step-by-step guidance on how to easily create a 2007 Office Ready PC using the installOffice.cmd script to set up an installation source directory from which to preinstall 2007 Office. The manual also explains how to place the script to an empty directory with the Microsoft Office Activation Assistant and to execute it.

Download the installOffice.cmd script and manual. .zip 1.7 MB