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TrialWorks Documentation Project

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TrialWorks WIKI Documentation Project was started in January 2009. The site is available to the public but not officially listed as a TrialWorks resource. We invite you to browse around and check back frequently as we convert our documentation system to the Wiki.
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You don't need to register here if you just want to read the documentation.

You should only register if you want to make changes to the information contained here. Also note that registration on this wiki is entirely separate from registration on our other sites, such as the forum.

Migration assistance is available at no additional charge during business hours. Weekend migrations are billable and are contingent on technician availability. They must be scheduled in advance and paid in advance. The charge for weekend/after hours migration is $225 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. Billable time begins at the scheduled migration appointment time and includes any time spent waiting to hear from the firm.

Helping with the documentation effort
Documentation Projects

Just register on this wiki and get started. Feel free to fix any errors you find; or consider helping out in one of our mini-projects...

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Use it to upload images and acquire links. You can then use those in the articles.
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