Maintaining TrialWorks (User Section)

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Maintaining TrialWorks (User Section)

There are several user functions related to database and program maintenance on the User Tools menus.

Displaying the Location of the TrialWorks Database

  1. From the User Tools Tab of the Ribbon, select Current DB Connection.
    The path of the currently connected TrialWorks SQL database file is displayed.
  2. Click OK.

Reattaching the TrialWorks Database

You may periodically need to reattach the TrialWorks database. This may happen when the system loses its connection to the database file.

  1. From the User Tools Tab of the Ribbon, select ReAttach Database.
    The following window appears.
  2. Verify the location of the TrialWorks SQL Database.
  3. Click ReAttach. The workstation will be reattached to the database within a few minutes.

Send a Message (Instant Messaging)

  • From the Home Tab of the Ribbon, click on Chat.
    The following window appears
    • Use the Send To drop-down to choose an individual to direct the message. This list contains all users logged-on to TrialWorks.
    • Use the comment box to add any message you chose to the user.
    • Click on the Send button

Utility - TrialWorks Compact

Over time the program requires a “reorganization” for efficiency, to minimize space used and to correct database errors that may have occurred.

  • From the User Tools Tab on the Ribbon, click on the TrialWorks Compact button. You will notice activity on the Status Toolbar (lower left-hand corner) showing that the program is compacting. When completed, the program will automatically close.

Recreate the Attorney/Support Drop-down List

It may be necessary to update the Attorney/Support drop-down list because of individuals either being added or removed from those fields within TrialWorks.

  1. From the User Tools Tab, click the Recreate Atty/Support List button.
  2. The drop-down list will be recreated.