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TWMini is a Microsoft Access add-on for the TrialWorks database that extends the functionality of TrialWorks SQL for the Lawex Support Team. It is a reduced version of TrialWorks with queries and forms designed to limit the number of clicks used to access data AND provide new views on data not available in the TrialWorks software.

TWMini is accessed through the 2X Application and can be run in addition to using the full TrialWorks version. It is not designed to replace the use of TrialWorks by the Support Team.


    March 29, 2009 update: we are working out some minor kinks with the install.  
    Most recent issue discovered was the install on Terminal may not install to your Documents folder. 
    Instead, it may try to reinstall the person who previously ran the installer.  
    Also, previous version required that you UNINSTALL and the INSTALL new version during upgrades. 
    Current build attempts to address that but we are still working out the kinks.  
  • On your workstation: Run SETUP.exe from the installation directory. Installs to ...\My Documents\TWMighty\
  • On the terminal server: upgrade will be done for you. The process involves installing on the TS and then copying profile.

Using TWMini

Open the 2X Application console and click on the TWMighty 3.0 icon.

The default window opens to a Timekeeper Window. You should see the following tabs:

    TimeEntry - add an entry to timekeeper
    TimeKeeper - a history of all timekeeper entries for the current case
    NoteEntry - add an entry to notes
    Notes - a history of all notes entries for the current case
    Firm Info - TW Firm Info for the current case
    Clients - Clients tab for the current case.
    Hosted Customer - advanced functionality to track hosting customer information as well as user accounts.   
         Includes 1 modal subform for specific user details.
    Networking Customer BETA - first step in extending better handling of networking customers.  
         Basic product inventory and server inventory.   This will be developed further in future releases. 

Click on User Settings and choose your name under UserName. Click the Save Record icon in the upper right corner. Close the form when you are ready.

Conceptual Overview

Any entry made in TimeKeeper shows up under your "My Active Cases". It will remain there until the ticket is "closed". Closing a ticket involves pushing the button which updates the record and also saves the entry to Notes. The latter part is simply to continue our current habit of looking at notes, but is non-essential.

Any entry made in TimeKeeper by selected individuals - OR THAT HAS NO NAME - will show up in "Outstanding Tickets" until it is acquired and/or closed. This is true of entries made from the Phone Log in TrialWorks or directly from TimeKeeper in TrialWorks. The reason behind this behavior is to establish a simple queuing system that shows incoming support requests in order they were received. Employees are expected to 1) make entries that are necessary to track their own activities or that need to be passed on to other departments 2) acquire and resolve outstanding entries that match their needs.

The combination of the functionality and the quick ability to stage/queue/resolve support requests is designed to help facilitate efficient problem solving and better incident tracking. There are also other helpful tools available to expedite entry:

  • Button that will mark entries as billable, enter a minimum time set in default settings, change the task code, and save the record all with one click.

My Active Cases

This is largely explained in the previous section. Any entry made in TimeKeeper will remain in this screen until it is closed. This can be used as a quick task list of ongoing issues. In addition to seeing your own items a filter is available to select other's active case lists.

Outstanding Tickets

This is the pool of outstanding issues that employees must work towards resolving. It's ok to leave items that are being worked on the main list as long as they are acquired or closed in a reasonable amount of time. It's understanbale that some items may be worked on but un-acquired.

Notes and Notes Entry

Part of the legacy way of doing this. Used as a reference.

HISTORY buttons on Ribbon

  • TimeKeeper lets search and sort all recent entries. Only goes back 1 year.
  • Notes lets search and sort all notes entries. Only goes back 1 year.
  • Costs used to track purchases. Many items that are ordered for customers are entered in the Costs tab. This tab does not exist in TWMighty for each case as that functionality is reserved to TrialWorks. However, the functionality in TWmighty enables a quick glance at all purchases in date order, as to quickly locate charges to credit cards and get fast purchase history of items.

Usage Reference Guide

Viewing Open Tickets

Click on the Outstanding Tickets icon to view a list of open customer calls. By clicking on an entry the full text of the item is viewed in the upper portion of the screen.

Acquiring Control of an Open Ticket

You can take control of any Outstanding Ticket by clicking on the Acquire Ticket icon. Once you have taken control of an item it is removed from the Outstanding Ticket list and added to your Active Cases.

  • Ver 3.00, once a ticket is acquired you will be prompted to switch to Active Cases. You can say YES or NO.

My Active Cases

Viewing My Active Cases shows the current list of items you have taken control of from the Outstanding Tickets. The list of calls should only appear because you have not completed the task or need to respond with additional information.

Closing an Open Ticket

Once you have completed any necessary followup on the Outstanding Ticket you can click the Close Ticket icon in the upper right hand corner. This will remove the ticket from your list of active cases and commitment the timekeeper record to the case.

Adding a Call to the Outstanding Tickets

Calls are added to the Outstanding Tickets in TWMini by utilizing the Call Log in TrialWorks. You must choose the case name, name of caller, the date and Griselda Tay as the User. (Until we can get TWMini updated only Griselda's name is used to transfer to Outstanding Tickets). Please be as specific as possible when taking messages. If the user has an error we need the exact terminology of the message. Please add the caller's phone number to the body of the message for a quicker turnaround. Please also put your initials in the body in case additional information is needed about the call.

Once the message has been completed please add the Call to Timekeeper and add the Call to Notes. Your call will now appear on the Outstanding Tickets list. DO NOT EMAIL THE CALL TO TECHSUPPORT.

Revision History

Version 3.1, March 29, 2009.

    This revision contains some BETA items.  
    It's purpose was to extend TWMighty functionality to better serve hosting and networking customers.
    One or more updates are expected to follow this release as the features are improved. 
  • Maintenance Expiration check on case load.
  • New tab: Hosted Customer. Contains a set of tools to better manage hosting customer information.
  • New tab: Networking Customer BETA. Is the first step in setting up a universal system for management of networking customers. Preliminary design includes basic ability to track special products, a server inventory, and account notes. It's usage will be centered around an "Account Manager" which will oversee the indicated account. This functionality will be extended in upcoming releases.
  • Interface color and aesthetic cleanup.
  • Firm info also contains some Case Info screen fields, such as quicknote.

Version 3.2, June 04, 2009.

    This revision contains updates to BETA features (finalizations) and a bug fix.
  • Added 2x checkbox to HOSTING CUSTOMER form. It's purpose is to mark down that we STARTED implementing 2x on that location. It does not indicate we completed the setup with all users, just that we began doing it.
  • FIX: On the Firm Info screen we have some Case information including QuickNote and Contract which were not displaying data previously.
  • FIX: On the NETWORKING CUSTOMER tab, the Server Inventory section was missing a scroll bar.
    This release WAS NOT DEPLOYED automatically.  We have an installer issue outstanding.
    If you run it locally, UNINSTALL the previous package and then go to the Install Root Directory and install from package #13.
    If you run it on the terminal server, the ACCDR file in your My Documents folder must be manually replaced.

Version 3.3, April, 2010.

    This revision includes new features, requested changes, upgrades, and cleanup.
  • Added Record Selectors to TimeKeeper and Notes
  • Added Outlook Email button to Active Cases which e-mails out current record.
  • Added Outlook Public Folder Connector (BETA) to convert inbound email to tickets
  • Added ZOOM feature to all text windows via DOUBLE-CLICK.
  • Fixed billable check box on Active cases
  • Changed size of Hosted Accounts
  • Changed size of Product Inventory
  • Removed Server Inventory from Networking.
  • Send to SQL Suggestions
  • Re categorize tickets upon close.

Trouble Shooting

Missing Tabs

If you are missing the tabs when TWMini opens, you can show them by minizing your toolbar ribbon. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the window.

Wish List

  • Customize sort order for task code. When working with an open ticket or an acquired ticket, it's easy to choose the wrong task code. The come in as Phone Call, so I usually have to change that. For example, when I type "la," the first entry is Lawex Staff:Consulting:Network Consulting:Weekend Consulting, and if I don't notice or the field is too short to see the end, I end up choosing that instead of Lawex Staff:Consulting:Network Consulting.