Terminal Server: "Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in 7 days."

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If your computer failed to acquire a permanent USER or DEVICE license from the Terminal Services Licensing Server you likely obtained a temporary, 120 day, license. Near the end of the term you will begin receiving messages that indicate the license is about to expire:

Error: "Your terminal services temporary client license will expire in 7 days"

After the expiration you will NO LONGER be able to connect to the Terminal Server.


You must delete the registry key, on your computer, associated with the temporary license. After you delete the key, you will be given a new license on your next connection.

To simplify this process we've created a registry file that will complete the task for you.

  • Close all Terminal Server windows.
  • Click and RUN this registry changer on YOUR COMPUTER:

MAC Remote Desktop Client

If you own an Apple computer, please see this article: http://www.trialworks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Remote_Desktop_Client_for_MAC